Wilson Investigation Networks offers professional and reliable process serving throughout Southeast Georgia.

With many small communities across Georgia’s southern judicial circuits, locating individuals can be challenging.

The services of Wilson Investigation Network are commonly secured by individuals, attorneys, courts or other process servers. WIN regularly serves individuals with legal documents like divorce papers, custody documents, eviction notices, court summons and more.

The WIN team prides itself on using all available resources to locate individuals and fulfill their constitutional rights to be notified of court proceedings. Timely and efficient action ensures all documents are served, received and delivered according to Georgia law.

  • Process Server for Atlantic and Waycross Judicial Circuits
  • Process Server, case by case, for the Brunswick Judicial Circuit
  • Member of Georgia Association of Professional Process Servers (GAPPS)
  • Member of Florida Association of Professional Process Servers (FAPPS)
  • Member of National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS)

Attorney Investigations

With more than 30 years’ experience in criminal investigations, the team at Wilson Investigation Network understands that both civil and criminal cases are won and lost by the quality and credibility of information presented in court. Specializing in defense and insurance investigations, WIN will tirelessly search for clues, uncover evidence, locate witnesses and obtain testimony to give clients an advantage in the courtroom. Investigatory work is second nature to the WIN team and lead investigator Grady Wilson has served as an expert witness in countless trials over the last three decades. Timely and efficient action ensures all documents are served, received and delivered according to Georgia law.

Criminal and Civil Investigation Capabilities

  • Client Locates

    If a client has moved, changed phone numbers or simply skipped town, the WIN team will reconnect you to them.

  • Witness Locates

    In police investigations, authorities can ask the wrong questions or miss witnesses altogether. WIN will find the person or persons who can turn the tide of a case by supporting a client’s story or exonerating a client completely.

  • Background Checks

    It’s important to know who you’re dealing with. Whether it’s a spouse or love interest, prospective tenant, new employee or business partner, let us get the scoop for you. Background checks can include MVR, bank records, liens, previous addresses, and criminal records.

  • Accident Reconstruction

    Vehicle accidents can be devastating with many factors contributing to who may be at fault. Grady Wilson’s accident reconstruction background will provide clarity to a potentially murky situation and put an end to debate.

  • Surveillance:
    Criminal, Civil, Fraud

    Whatever the reason for surveillance, WIN can track, record and document the movement of an individual and their possible illegal or immoral actions.

  • Criminal Private Investigation

    After two decades as a police officer, Grady Wilson investigates for criminal defense attorneys. His intimate knowledge of investigative techniques and biases along with his ability to uncover the truth help build a credible defense for clients.

  • Expert Witness

    Grady Wilson has been entered as an expert witness in the Georgia Court System and is ready to put his expertise to use to defend and exonerate clients.

  • Reliable Testimony

    WIN’s consistent investigation reporting and steadfast resolve on the witness stand give defense attorneys something to count on in the courtroom.